Most of our staff comes from rural areas around Siem Reap and trained in the skills of hospitality. Each has a minimum of five years experience. Where most hotels and cafes would have a churn rate of over 30% of their staff every year, Tangram Garden has the most stable team of staff in the Kingdom. So why aren't we in Government?


We provide honest and competitive salaries, staff trips and holidays and continuous training and education to improve  their skills in a competitive industry. (as editor of this page, I best be careful)

Meet Deth, he was our security guard. A security guard in Cambodia never really gets much attention but Deth is as much part of the Tangram Team as anyone else. Late last year, Deth had developed so much that he also became part of the service team. He is always busy doing something in the restaurant, from cutting grass to entertaining guests, he is the politest person yuou will ever meet. Deth is now considered a senior member of staff and trains Pov and Eng according to our standards. He still is the guard at night and made Tangram literally his home!