Most of our staff comes from rural areas around Siem Reap and trained in the skills of hospitality. Each has a minimum of five years experience. Where most hotels and cafes would have a churn rate of over 30% of their staff every year, Tangram Garden has the most stable team of staff in the Kingdom. So why aren't we in Government?


We provide honest and competitive salaries, staff trips and holidays and continuous training and education to improve  their skills in a competitive industry. (as editor of this page, I best be careful)

Pov came together with Eng to Tangram. She just happened to walk in as she lives down the street and was tired of sitting at home doing nothing. Next to her morning studies, she was looking for a job. As we always are interested in young and motivated people, Pov started the same day she inquired about a job and started with her training to be in service. Pov's English is improving bit by bit and she really started to enjoy welcoming our guests. Young, energetic and funny, Pov definitely brights up the evenings!