Evening Garden Show
Performing on demand for groups over 12 people.
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which happen almost weekly.


Have you been daunted by the large number of guide books on the Angkor temples? Which one to read in such a short visit? And how can you remember your Jarvarman from your Survaraman?


Nick Coffill is a museum designer of thirty years. He knows your dilemma. He has sifted through the wreckage of his library and made numerous field trips while living in Cambodia for the past decade.


Using a large interactive model, projections, films and live action drawings, he creates a fun, entertaining master guide about the temples.

He links together the spirits of Cambodia’s ancient landscape with the notions of the Hindu cosmos to build a framework that you can take to any Angkorian temple on your travels.

Relax back under the stars at our open air theatre with a drink and friends and enjoy this forty minutes of informed, creative entertainment.